The Must Have Ingredient for Gummies: Beeswax

Matt Weeks March 13, 2019 13 comments

Give your CBD gummies the beeswax treatment for longer shelf life and reduced stickiness.

Cannabis gummies have become the standard bearer for store bought edibles. It’s the first thing people imagine when they think of cannabis treats, and for good reason. Cannabis gummies are colorful, delicious, and, amazingly, easy to make at home. But there’s one ingredient that often gets left out of CBD gummies. In doing so, you could nearly ruin this delightful snack.

That ingredient? Beeswax.

Beeswax has many benefits and functions, including lowering cholesterol, relieving pain, managing ulcers, and more. While those are all good reasons to add it to your cannabis gummy bears, its primary use in this particular food may be to function like a Ziploc bag. Beeswax keeps your candies fresh and tasty for a longer period of time. In the same way that CBD gummies can keep your body healthy, beeswax keeps your goodies fresh and safe for consumption.

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If you don’t know, beeswax is the substance that actually forms the structure of the honeycomb, where the bees store their sticky, sweet concoction. Like honey, it’s made by the worker bees, who use special wax glands in their abdomens to construct the substance. In its purest form, beeswax is white, but gains a yellowish hue when it’s exposed to pollen and honey.

The Long and Secret History of Beeswax

Beeswax has a storied history in the foods we eat — not just cannabis gummy bears. It’s been in use for thousands of year as an additive and its powers are no less relevant now than they were in ancient Egypt.

Preindustrial societies quickly recognized the myriad uses of beeswax, which was used in both construction (as a sealant) and for its medicinal properties (beeswax is a strong anti-microbial agent). The ancient Greeks and Romans used beeswax in cooling ointments. Similarly, first-century Chinese healers believed that beeswax had properties that enhanced the blood and energy systems within the body.

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It has even become fashionable among today’s chefs, who seemingly can’t get enough of the flavor, texture, and ability to trap in moisture (helping to make delicate pastries extra crispy). 


Candy makers, too, have long known the benefits of adding a little buzzy goodness to their confections. Haribo, the standard bearer in gummy bear mass production, has included beeswax as an ingredient since its founding.

Beyond adding a protective layer to your CBD gummies, beeswax has other benefits as well.

Just like the honey it is created to store, beeswax is characterized by myriad therapeutic properties, including healing bruises, inflammation, and burns.

Beeswax in CBD Gummies

Beeswax isn’t a one-size-fits-all product.  The price per pound depends on how refined it is, its origins, and how nutrient content. As with almost any natural product, the best stuff usually comes from local, organic producers. The kind of beekeepers who practice sustainable farming and hang around farmers’ markets usually have plenty of rich beeswax to unload.

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But if you’re not lucky enough to find any local apiaries, don’t fret. The internet has made smart shoppers of us all. High-quality, straight-off-the-farm beeswax costs anywhere from $5 to $15 per pound. It’s readily available from an array of respectable websites.

While you can purchase medical- and food-grade beeswax for less, the mass-produced stuff is usually inferior. High-quality wax is the best choice for cannabis gummy bears. But really any kind of wax that isn’t loaded with insecticides or pollutions should do just fine. If you’re concerned about quality, stick to certified organic wax.

Adding Beeswax to CBD Gummies

Being naturally malleable and with a melting point of 64 degrees Celsius (145F) beeswax is easy to use in the kitchen. If you want to add it to your next cannabis gummy bear batch, simply drop in two tablespoons of beeswax just before you pour your mixture into the molds. Each mold should get two tablespoons mixed in before you pour. Beeswax will add a shiny coat to your cannabis gummy bears. Protection with pizazz!

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It can also make the final product a bit easier to handle, thanks to the rigidity inherent in beeswax. Sometimes, CBD gummies can be a little too sticky for their own good and can make it tough to manage the mixture. Beeswax helps with that problem, adding a harder internal consistency that should reduce the stickiness and formlessness of your cannabis gummy bears.


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  1. That’s interesting! I will make sure to add some beeswax to my CBD. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!

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    Bart Dluhy

    You say add a couple of tablespoons of the beeswax, but to how much gummy mixture? Also, it looks like wax is used to coat candies, such as haribo, but I can’t find any recipes where the wax is added to the candy mixture.

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    So, when are you going to “revisit to include specific measurements”?

  4. I have the same question that a couple of tablespoons of the beeswax in how much gummy mixture? Thank you.

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    I was always told to coat them with a mixture carnauba wax and bees wax and tumble them in a confectionery coating pan?

    Your way sounds much easier if it works the same. Is it 2 table spoons per 5lbs?

    • Jennifer Grant

      Jennifer Grant

      Good suggestion though! 2tbsp for each mold pour. I have messaged the writer for clarification. He says Putin 2tbsp just before you pour into the mold, which is a little vague. I assume he means the silicon molds to mini gummies.

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