13 Stress and CBD: What You Need To Know

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Can a full spectrum CBD gummy bear take the edge off your stressful life?

What’s the best way to beat stress? There are a number of ideas, from yoga to reading to meditation, but something that is trending at the moment is CBD in edibles. Like CBD gummies from a company called Sunday Scaries.

For Sunday Scaries, the CBD gummy bear is much more than a fad, it’s a connection back to the calmer days before your life was filtered through the anxiety of this ‘to do’ list. That. Is. Never. Going. To. End.

Sunday Scaries is a CBD gummy edible created by two guys, Beau and Mike, who know all about the demands of a racing along in a fast-paced career while trying to prioritize the important things: family and friends.

“We made these CBD gummy bears for people just like us, the hustlers, the parents, the overworked and under slept folks who just needed a little bit of help to get through the day,” says co-founder Beau. “This is about helping people feel better, work smarter, and enjoy their lives. Stress just kills people’s joy. It’s a thief. We wanted to make things a little more manageable.”


CBD gummy bear product photo from Sunday Scaries

A Friend Suggests CBD For Stress

They came up with the perfect formulation in a very natural way.

Beau, and co-founder Mike, first discovered the benefits of CBD while in the haze of an entrepreneurial frenzy. They were putting in extra long hours to get their bar open while attempting to maintain a normal home life and balance social obligations. The pair were stressed to the max and headed for burn out. As the anxiety was mounting, a friend suggested they try CBD. That decision to try it changed everything.

The Sunday Scaries duo discovered a new way to help manage the pressure of their work/home life: a CBD gummy bear. This sparked an idea to create a product that would help other anxiety-ridden comrades. And that idea turned into a passionate change in career direction with the creation of a CBD gummy bear.

Beau and Mike say CBD put them into a clear-headed space that made them feel like they were repelling stress, without adverse side effect. They knew this was something that had to be shared.

Beau and Mike searched the CBD market to get more of this stress-buster, and here they found an underserved segment of the population. These are regular, hardworking folks that sometimes grab a 5-Hour Energy shot to push through some deadlines. In other words, pretty much all of us.

According to the American Psychology Association’s 2018 Stress in America reports, more people than ever are suffering from the effects of stress.  Money and work top the biggest stressors list. One of the biggest reported problems with stress is that it leads to a lack of concentration that an be deadly to your work life. This is why we reach for unhealthy and questionable energy drinks. What if there was a better way?

Young woman holding up a gummy bear

Stress-Buster CBD Gummy Bear is Born

As a remedy to this gap in the marketplace, the business partners created a CBD gummy bear that invests in natural ingredients instead of lab-created chemicals. Each little bear holds the promise of peace and control. And like the feelings they provide, Sunday Scaries are simply and naturally made.

CBD gummy bears are infused with full-spectrum CBD oil sourced from family farms in Colorado. Sunday Scaries combines a proprietary blend of vitamins B12 and D3 to enhance a calming, anxiety-abating feeling in consumers.

Using CBD gummy bears as a delivery device was another nod to simplicity. Instead of measuring out eyedroppers of CBD tincture or weighing CBD powders, popping a gummy bear is a breeze. These are perfectly portable and delicious.

Each CBD gummy bear contains exactly 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil. The added B12 helps to regulate the nervous system, bolstering CBD’s calming power. A dose of vitamin D3 acts as an immune-system booster, providing natural protection against depression and pain.

“We’re not just businessmen with an idea — we were customers first,” says Mike, “That’s where the name Sunday Scaries comes from. We spent many panic-inducing Sundays worried about what the next week would bring, envisioning all the work was ahead of us, and wondering just how we’d get through it all. That’s no way to live — and CBD saved us from that feeling. Once we started using it regularly, it was utterly and completely transformative. We had our lives back.”

Gummy Bears

Gummy Bear-ing It Makes Sense

Stress is everywhere these days and there doesn’t seem to be a way to escape it. In the digital age, everyone is just a click away from the office — and, thanks to the spreading of mass information, pressure on parents has never been greater. With demands on our time like this, who wouldn’t feel continually maxed out?

But, just as the modern marketplace created a chaotic world, it also inspired hundreds of snake oil cures promising to alleviate these modern problems. Like so many failed promises, most of the modern day stress ‘cures’ either don’t work or demand so much time and mental energy that these just end up increasing anxiety.

Sunday Scaries provides an easy, effective solution in a CBD gummy bear edible that is now  available all over North America.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Works With The Endocannabinoid System

They’re also among the first CBD gummy bear companies to take advantage of research-based knowledge of full-spectrum CBD oil and its effects on the human endocannabinoid system.

Science says CBD has ‘considerable potential‘ to help with stress and anxiety. Recent studies back this research, but we still need to wait on human clinical trials. All things being equal, Sunday Scaries CBD gummy bears get to the root of the stress issue.

Hand holding out CBD Gummy Bear

Stress isn’t just cascading feelings of frustration and fear. It has real, physical effects on the body. It’s true that stress serves an important evolutionary purpose. The feeling of stress produces a hormone called cortisol, which activates our flight-or-fight instinct, giving us an extra boost of adrenaline when times get tough. That kind of stress used to be rare, never chronic. Today, stress is often a morning-to-night feeling. And that’s very bad for the body.

The extra cortisol from chronic stress has been shown to make people gain weight, avoid social interactions, and according to new research, it also actively kills brain cells. That’s why the special mix of homegrown full-spectrum CBD oil and extra vitamins available in Sunday Scaries CBD gummy bears is so valuable. The CBD may help reduce stress, while vitamins B12 and D3 work to bolster the body’s immune and nervous systems to guard against future cortisol onslaught.

And this is why stress is so scared of bears, even on Sundays.

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